Monday, 19 October 2009

I was asked to create a music magazine that has to create a front cover, a contents page and a 2 page article. I have chose to use a indie/rock genre and call it muse, i used this name as it is easy to remember and quite common in music. I used a simple colour scheme which consists of black, orange and white this doesn't make the cover clustered but makes it stand out.I it has to contain a front cover, contents page and a 2 page article.

This is one of the magazines i have researched before creating my own.
NME is such a well known magazine that the model can be put infront of the title of the magazine and it won't matter. This is quite a common convention of a well known magazine. NME magazine has a target audience of people aged 16 - 35 years old. We know this by the artists used on the front cover, bands such as The wombats, Green day, The Killers, The Enemy and Oasis are all bands from a mixed age generation of music. The colour scheme on the front of the magazine is kept simple by using red for the title NME itself every time. Most issues use a total of 3 or 4 colours for the front of the magazine, these are normally red, black, white and sometimes yellow. However this issue uses four colour of fonts and four fonts, this is very common for a magazine and makes the magazine look simple but very effective. The colour scheme and fonts are simple but they give a big impact. The cover has all of the typical conventions of a magazine front cover, a bar code, price and issue date. The model NME magazine have used on the front of their magazine is an attractive well known singer, she is also looking out to the audience inviting them in.

This is what ive created so far. I used this picture because the model is looking straight into the camra,

This is one of the pictures we took, however i decided not to use this image as the lighting is quite bad. Also

I decided to use this image as my model is looking straight into the camra,

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

For my front cover i used bright colours to attract the reader. I have put images from other story's on the front also, this will grab people's attention and make them want to read the story.


Monday, 5 October 2009

My contents page is quite simple as it only uses one backround colour and 2 simple font colours this makes it easy to read and people will not look at it and think its too complicated etc. It also has pictures on to make people want to read the magazine, i chose these pictures as they are pictures from storys that people would want to read. All of the pages and storys are stated towards the bottom of the contents page and the school website is in red at the very bottom.